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Saskia Shakin

Saskia Shakin started coaching leaders in 1980 – in a career that never ceases to surprise her. Her clients have worked in the White House, appeared before Congress, run global corporations, written Broadway plays, managed prestigious law firms, and held chairs at major universities. She saw herself as a consultant; her clients called her “coach”. She had expected to carve a niche in the world of PR and advertising; she ended up coaching executives in corporate America. Her interest was in the arts; her clients were more often in finance. One thing her career has taught Saskia is to expect the unexpected! Another thing her career has revealed: “When we speak in public, we bring to the podium not just our speeches but ourselves. We speak what we live, and we live what we speak.” Her book, More Than Words Can Say: The Making of Inspired Speakers, is a collection of war stories and wisdom taken from her life as a coach to speakers in positions of leadership. For more on Saskia, please visit

Fear & Art: The Two Faces of Public Speaking

Fear & Art: The Two Faces of Public Speaking

Since 1980, I’ve taught corporate chiefs, expert witnesses, theatre professionals and normal mortals the joys of speaking in public. Yes, I said the joys! Whereas most people are terrified of getting up to speak in public, my clients learn that their job is not to seek perfection . . . but, instead, to seek connection. […]

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