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Born out of the intention to inspire others, MOTIVATED Magazine encourages readers to rise to their fullest potential. Pairing passion with purpose, the magazine features insightful articles submitted directly from today’s world leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday people with extraordinary stories to share.

Each issue focuses on a theme in an effort to inspire and motivate readers on their journey toward business and personal success. Topics range from the importance of leading, communicating, and investing, to strategizing, producing, and growing, all in an effort to achieve balance and overall happiness.

Readers are able to tap into the knowledge and life experiences of people who are successfully making their dreams come true including: Bill Clinton, Chris Gardner, Deepak Chopra, Silken Laumann, Don Cherry, Robin Sharma, Steve Wozniak, David Bach, Patricia Lovett-Reid, and Patrick Lencioni.

When top leaders, financial advisors, athletes, health experts, millionaires and every day people share their wisdom and accomplishments, readers are empowered to shift their perspective as they’re challenged on topics related to leadership, business, self-motivation, and personal growth.

MOTIVATED Magazine is available in the business section in Chapters and Indigo bookstores across Canada and Barnes & Noble bookstores in the U.S. It is distributed through Kable News International in Austria, Pakistan, the Cayman Islands, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.  It can also be purchased in major airports, online, and through subscription.

The overlapping universal truths of achieving greatness, balance, and more purpose in our daily lives speaks to an expansive demographic well beyond entrepreneurs and upper management executives.

A personal mentoring tool, MOTIVATED Magazine inspires readers to choose to create joy in their lives now, and in the future.

Founder, Shevaun Voisin shares the story behind MOTIVATED Magazine.