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As a child, I vividly recall going on ventures with my father to kill multiple birds (hypothetically speaking). These birds were in the form of spending time together, relieving stress, and listening to Mother Nature speak to us. These were times that I thoroughly enjoyed, and often relive in solemn moments alone. While I learned many lessons about life during these excursions, they didn’t bubble to the surface of my conscious until much later.

On the eve of my birthday on July 3rd, my father and I decided that we were going to take advantage of the beautiful union of prime weather and the peak of bluefish season. As we drove to the bait and tackle shop, my father and I discussed what catches we anticipated to reel in, and visualized having our catch being photographed as if we were master fishermen.

As we discussed what we were going to catch, he asked what type of bait I would use. I looked in the sky as I thought of my master plan, and could not decide what to choose! It was not until I was at the counter, that I made the decision to use bloodworms. This decision was not supported by any facts…except for I thought the bluefish would be “out for blood” and our best choice of bait.

When we arrived, there was no time wasted, and we immediately set up our poles and dropped our lines. We were oozing with anticipation as we listened to the fishing forecaster give us promises of dozens of schools swimming in our direction! An hour went by, and I was sure I caught the big one! I fought, sweated, and toiled….to pull up the catch of a lifetime! I marveled as I pulled up the biggest, most slippery and open mouth tire, that I’d ever seen! To my dismay, I re-baited my hook and threw the line back to the abyss we knew as the ocean. The next thing I thing I remember, was awakening to sunrise without even the slightest hint of a fish.

Although I didn’t realize it immediately, I soon understood why we didn’t catch any fish. I realized it had to do with the bait we were using. Many people go throughout life baiting their lines looking to make that “Big Catch”.

The reality is, you will NEVER make that catch unless you research and study the behavior of the fish. The fish we often aim to catch are: career success, relationship success, and overall happiness in life. Each of these fish respond to a different set stimuli.

It often takes some type of re-invention to become that desired stimulus. Next time you’re looking to accomplish one of the aforementioned feats, make sure that you’re baiting your line correctly. If you haven’t achieved your desired outcome, it’s time to re-invent yourself.

Re-invention can happen in many places. Three that initially come to mind are the heart, mind, and body. In order to accomplish anything, these three entities need to be aligned. Re-invent what morals and values you will endlessly aim to keep pure, re-think how you have trained your mind to perceive reality (half empty or half-full), and be in good physical condition to help with the flow of your mind and heart. Make the commitment to re-invent yourself daily….your process starts today. Remember: “Change your bait, and change what type of fish you reel in”.