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I love music, especially 80’s music! One of my favourite songs has always been Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and so you can imagine my excitement when lead singer Steve Perry was rumoured to rejoin the band this November! Unfortunately, this rumour was refuted shortly afterwards – but at least it was able to give us fans a glimmer of hope!

Most of us need something more than a possible Journey reunion to ignite hope that good things are on the way. Each of us has days when we feel weighed down or fearful of what lies ahead. Some of us suffer from health problems or from the emotional loss of loved ones. Others feel ‘stuck’ in our jobs or in relationships that are far from ideal. While Journey sings “don’t stop believing” , how are we to be optimistic when our circumstances aren’t what we want them to be?

Belief that we CAN live our dreams and that miracles are possible is essential if we are to manifest our destinies. Many of us engage in fear based thinking.  Our self-talk is full of excuses as to why we will never have what we desire: “I’m too old. My time has passed”,  “I don’t have the right education”, “I’m not that talented”, or “Something that good would never happen to me.”

Not only do we think these negative, fearful thoughts, we do so unconsciously! The famous mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton said “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, we need to be very careful about monitoring our thoughts because we attract what we put our attention to, we create exactly what we think about!

What that means is if we think positive thoughts, we will experience a life filled with positivity. Conversely, if we think negative thoughts, we experience a life filled with negativity. If we think it’s possible for us to have our dream job, perfect health, and our ideal relationship, than it will be – the trick is to hold on to our positive beliefs because they are what will attract positive circumstances.

Now I admit this isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Some days I really have to work at defeating my negative self-talk. The “I’m not good enough” or “it will never happen” thoughts find me especially when I’m tired. They sneak up on me when my life doesn’t progress according to my plan and creep up, ever so subtly, when I see others accomplishing with apparent ease and effortlessness what I find myself struggling to get through.

During these moments, it’s easy to doubt yourself and to believe your negative voices. It’s tempting to sit back and say, “I guess this is as good as it gets. I guess I wasn’t meant to have my dreams come true.” But sometimes believing requires effort. It requires looking beyond what we see with our eyes and knowing the life we want is possible. It requires faith in limitless possibilities.  Belief is one of the most important ingredients in realizing our dreams and reaching our highest potential. Belief is tantamount to consuming vitamins and minerals – it nourishes our spirits!

So, as my friends in Journey say, “don’t stop believing…hold on to that feeling”.  Value and love yourself enough to stop rushing around. Turn off the TV and take a few minutes each day to feed your mind and spirit with something that will keep those ‘belief’ feelings alive. Read a book, blog, or a magazine that you find meaningful and inspiring; take a walk outside and be awed by nature’s beauty and perfection; surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to be the best you can be; or just get in your car, turn the volume on your stereo up to ‘high’, and sing along with Steve Perry’s wise words!