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In less than 200 years, our society has evolved from agricultural, to industrialized, to today’s knowledge-driven civilization. The Internet makes information about anything available to everyone and yet we know less about ourselves than ever before.

The new world order is creating many known harms in our lives. The high performance culture in the corporate world is creating stress on a broad scale and processed food is creating an obesity epidemic and all kinds of new allergies and sensitivities. But it is not only our food that has become processed; our way of living has also become highly toxic.

Thousands of years ago, the decision of where to settle defined the outcome of one’s life. Fertile grounds provided food, waterways enabled trade, and a hill provided protection. While today’s living spaces do not require the same considerations, the emotional aspect of deciding where to settle has not changed.

Feng Shui is a methodology that brings these aspects back into your environment and into your life. It is very similar to the principles of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, were the aim is to resolve blockage. In Feng Shui, these blockage-reducing principles are applied to space.

Feng Shui is a Chinese knowledge that means wind and water. It explains how energy contributes to our environment and the impact it has on our lives. The way we think, the decisions we make, and our actions are all related to the type of energy our environment provides for us. We feel energy in the form of being happy, encouraged, energized, depressed, and stressed out.  The energy patterns of   our space echo the quality of life that we are experiencing in our current situation. Take a look at your surroundings; does your space exude feelings of happiness, health, wealth, success, and prosperity? Using mathematical methods that ensure accurate calculations, authentic Feng Shui can help you define a blueprint of your space and design your life in the way that you dream it to be.

Based on Chinese philosophy, our destiny is divided into three divisions; Heaven, Earth, and Human luck. Heaven luck is our karma and it is predetermined at birth. Unlike heaven luck, we have more control of human and earth luck. Human luck can be enhanced with hard work, the right people, a healthy attitude, and a good education. Earth luck is where Feng Shui tackles the influences of the environment in our life. As one of my Feng Shui grand masters once said: “Earth luck can be harnessed thorough the powerful and positive position of our physical environment on earth”.  These elements of Heaven, Human, and Earth luck are interdependent and cannot survive alone.

In Feng Shui, space is divided into 8 sections with each section housing a particular Chi. Depending on the representative energy, you may want to enhance or redirect this Chi. It is important to know that no two spaces share the same Feng Shui pattern.  Even if you are neighbors and have the exact same floor plan, there are always differences. Feng Shui takes into consideration the specific birth date of its dwellers, as well as their desires and distinct problems and so  what may be a good solution for you could be potentially harmful to someone else. With a true knowledge of Feng Shui, you can boost the quality of your life, become aware of your core issues, avert upcoming troubles, and find comprehensive solutions.

You may have challenges in your health, relationships, parenting, or career. Whatever the obstacle is, once identified, it is possible to improve the situation.

Let me give you an example: When I was living in Dubai, I had a friend who was struggling in his new office; for some reason, he was unable to build up his new client list. He called me up to see if I could uncover the problem and, after taking a direction reading with Lo Pan, my Feng Shui compass (it is designed to provide extensive information on the eight areas of the building), and analyzing the floor plan of his office, we discovered that the energy related to human luck (in his case, the energy related to clients) was located in his storage area. By changing this storage area into a conference room, my friend was able to garner quick results; now, new clients keep knocking on his door. A simple solution with a powerful outcome!

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to explore Feng Shui via an article series that examines the principles of Feng Shui through case studies. Join me in this journey and reveal the “force” of Feng Shui in your life.