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It is important to take the time to identify your passions and discover your life purpose. When you do, and live in line with those tenets, you will never again work a day in your life.

Discovering your passion – the things you love, the people who are important to you, and the activities you enjoy most are essential in fulfilling your life purpose.  It gives your life meaning and you discover what it is that you would just about die for.

I’m often find myself asking, “What day of the week is it?” because I have only a vague concept of time. I don’t  have a Monday morning where I’m dreading the work week ahead. I don’t have a Wednesday hump-day signifying the midway point of a stressful week. I don’t have a Friday afternoon where I get extremely excited about finishing work so that I can enjoy two short days to myself. In fact, I don’t work at all!

I haven’t worked since the summer of 2009. Now, this doesn’t mean that I sit on a beach all day kicking back with a cold drink. Rather, I’m so passionate about what I do that it simply is not work to me. It’s “Plerk, which is “play” plus “work.” And I live my life on purpose in such a way that I will never work a day in my life again. My purpose is to inspire people to rediscover their dream and empower them with the tools to take action and make it a reality. I do this through speaking and seminars because I love being in front of an audience. This also allows me to travel, which is one of my biggest passions.

I’ve met thousands of people around the world and have found that most employed people do not enjoy their jobs. This is mind-boggling to me because a typical forty-hour a week job takes up half of a person’s waking life, once travel and preparation time are included. I think that if you’re going to spend time doing anything, especially a job that takes up half of your life, you should enjoy it.

You can do whatever you want, and you can have a fulfilling life; one that you absolutely love.

If you love creating jewelry, don’t go to law school. If you love cooking, don’t go work in a cubicle. If you love making music, don’t work at a restaurant. Find your passions and pursue them, and take the time to uncover your life’s purpose. Once you pair your passion with your purpose you will be unstoppable!