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“Never aim to [Fit In] because when you [Stand Out] you CAN’T be [Left Out].”- Alfred Blake.

Breathe life into the soul by accepting your unique mold. In the life we lead as humans, we will typically fall into one of the following categories; we either fit in, stand out or are left out. When I recently asked the question of which group is ideal, most responded, “the desire to fit in”. In life the exact opposite is true. You are a personal brand. A personal brand is the identity associated with your name and what comes to mind when it is spoken to your peers. The more unique you are, the more appealing you are. The appeal to your product/ service will lie in your ability to stand out!

When told to stand out, many will be stumped at how to do so. I am demystifying your doubt with a simple two-word phrase, “BE YOURSELF”! Most people are trained to abide by the rules of “The System”.  Your personal “System” is determined by where and how you were raised and the values of your parents, family, and friends. It will help to predict how much you will fit in or stand out. Take a minute to think of what makes you different and how it benefits the longevity of your personal brand.

As a youth, I was always into some kind of trouble. My mother’s words would often be, “Al, never follow the in-crowd – dare to be different”. That statement, in my mind, was like pizza in a high school café when tuna fish is the main meal, gone quickly; it didn’t have much significance at that point in my life. As I operate in my everyday life, I now realize the significance of her words. If not careful, you will run around following the most recent trends and new-found gadgets, running yourself into a line of droid-like mediocrity! You are the premier leader in your particular field/career path. In order to claim your title as the champion, you must embrace your mold and make sure that you are confident in your shoes.

There are many people running around that do not consider themselves creative. Please stay away from those people. People who don’t have faith that they can create grow to believe the only way to make it is to take.

Being different = Being yourself..

If you disagree, find one person in the world who has your fingerprint; if you find that person I have a hefty check with your name on it! So, as you continue to make your mark, never aim to fit in. I’d rather not fit into the class of normalcy and reap the benefits that come from not fitting into anything but my own skin!