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What do organizations look for when hiring? Are skills and experience more valuable than a ‘fit’ with the organization’s vision and values? Where is the balance?

Balance is overrated.  In fact, if I spent my energy striking a balance I’d never get anything done in a day.

I spend my time on creating opportunities for myself and others.  Today, this includes recruiting entrepreneurs for an upcoming business reality television show, inviting leaders to contribute to the next issue, providing the resources needed for my employees to do what they do best, and exploring the endless possibilities of social media.

Resources are imperative.  Why? Because I hire people who get why we do what we do.  It’s a given to me that everyone has skills and talent and genius and experience to offer, it’s just a matter of finding the very best place to match what they have to what needs to get done.

What people do within an organization can change with the wind;  who they are remains the same.  When resources are effectively  paired with the right match, value is created.  In short, I hire the essence of the person – the essence creates relationships, the essence becomes an ambassador, the essence is passionate about creating.

Never hire the paper cut-out, people are never who they appear to be on paper anyway.  Hire the living, breathing, three dimensional person before you and find the work that fully capitalizes on who they are.