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We often hear of the term “dress for success” but rarely apply this to our spiritual selves – we don’t visualize ourselves leading a rewarding spiritual life.

In my second book , Ask and You Shall Receive – Spiritual Strategies for Success in Work & Life, I write about the 7 Life Lessons that I learned from the miracle story experienced in my family and how these lessons can be applied to work and to everyday living.

Below, I have shared some key concepts with you to help you enhance your spiritual journey:

Giving Back

What could be more loving than helping free those you care about from their limiting beliefs and empowering them to create the life they truly desire?

The more you help others succeed in life, the more help you will receive. Be a student of the mentors you admire, a teacher to seekers of your wisdom and knowledge, and a fellow traveler and help-mate to your equals.

When you are asking for help for yourself or for others, remember to:

  • Ask clearly, consistently, confidently, creatively, and most of all, sincerely
  • Be humble, remember to be grateful for what you already have
  • Remain cognizant of the needs of others
  • Become aware of the many forms of abundance that are available to each one of us to use and share

What the world needs more of is a “how can I be of service to you” attitude rather than an attitude of “what is in it for me?”  Often, when you lead from a service-minded frame of mind, you will receive more than what you originally asked for, giving you more than enough resources to share with others.

Seeking Solitude

Daily life can be stressful and it is essential for mind – body – spirit balance that you spend daily time alone in order to heal, relax, reflect, and refresh yourself.

Utilizing different forms of meditation is a spiritual tip for success practiced by most successful people.  Meditation can be in the form of a prayer, silence, a walk in the park, a guided CD with music and words, etc.

Meditation can reduce stress, boost your energy levels, and promote health, vitality and longevity.  As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says, “If we continually practice filling our minds with thoughts of faith, hope, love, and gratitude, it will eventually crowd out our fears.”

Forgiving Others

It is essential to your wellbeing to forgive others.  Dwelling on the past harms your health, not theirs.

In order to be spiritually successful, you need to hold the intention of sending everyone “love” and blessings.  You never know what may have been going on in a person’s life that provoked them to attack you verbally or physically.

Emotional garbage weighs heavily on your mind and the negative emotions storing themselves in your body cause disease, so learn to forgive quickly.  Visualize vacuuming out your body and mind from all negative thoughts and emotions.  Set the intention of having a future filled with supportive people all around you, nurturing you and encouraging you to be the best person you can be.

Finding a Sense of Humour

Take time each day for a good laugh. Research indicates that laughter not only connects you with others, but also helps strengthen your immune system and helps you to tap into the right brain; your creative, communicative, and intuitive side.

If you sense that someone is having a bad day,  use a spirit of love to find something to laugh about, helping them change their focus to a more positive one.  Even a simple smile can really make a difference.

I find that people who benefit one another are often put together.  Do unto someone, or give to someone, what you would like to have done unto you.  Find something to laugh about with someone and, when you need a laugh, you can be assured that someone or something will trigger your sense of humour.  Learn to lighten up and to take life less seriously.

Celebrating Achievements

Celebrate each moment as it happens and be grateful for everything happening in your life, even if everything isn’t working out to your expectations.  Let go of the need to know everything and enjoy your daily experiences, understanding that everything happens for a reason.

Celebrate the small steps you are making towards a larger goal.  Don’t wait until you achieve the goal.  It is the journey that often reaps the richest rewards in your spiritual growth.

Neale Donald Walsch says, “The completion of an important task triggers a release of endorphins in your brain.  These endorphins give you a natural high.  The endorphin rush that follows successful completion of any task makes you feel more positive, personable, creative, and confident.”

When you accomplish something meaningful, celebrate.  Treat yourself special.  Reward yourself for the victories you have achieved because of the spiritual success strategies you have incorporated into your work, life and your soul.